3 Ways A Career Coach Can Help You At Work

Hiring a career coach is an investment in yourself, and that investment can bring a very good payoff as you advance through your career. If you haven't previously worked with a career coach, here are three ways that hiring one can help you at the workplace.

1. Polish Your Resume

As digital platforms have made job postings easier to find and apply to, the demand on hiring managers' time has increased. As a result, the average time they spend looking at an individual resume is quite short.

In order to be hired for the most prestigious positions, your resume must be able to stand out from all of the other ones that a hiring manager looks at. Your resume needs to immediately grab the manager's attention, and it needs to convince them that you're qualified for the job. A perfect resume won't guarantee that you get hired, but it's the first step in getting an interview.

A career coach can help you polish your resume so that it does exactly what it needs to. Even if you know what details should be on your resume — and not everyone does know what to include — a career coach can still improve the resume by helping you lay out the details in a way that captures the attention of hiring managers. 

2. Perfect Your Interviewing Skills

Once you land an interview, you next must be able to convince a hiring manager that you're the right candidate for the open position. Doing this within the context of an interview is part art and part science, and great skill is needed to showcase your attributes as they're relevant to the position that you're applying for.

A career coach can guide you through the interview process, helping you with everything from how to shake the hiring manager's hand to how to answer difficult questions. A career coach can also practice interviewing skills with you so that you're comfortable during the real interview.

3. Develop a Career Path Plan

Growth plans are widely used in the corporate world because they're effective ways to guide an employee's growth. In addition to any that you have at work, you should also have your own growth plan that will help you develop your career as you want to. A career coach who's familiar with your field can help you develop a realistic career plan that will get you to where you want to be at work.

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