An Overview Of Craniosacral Therapy Benefits And Process

Craniosacral therapy (CT) is a physical therapy technique for relieving compression in different body parts. Compression relief has multiple benefits. Below is an overview of the procedure. Conditions It May Help The central nervous system (CNS), which comprises the brain and spinal cord, plays a role in your pain experience. Nerves carry stimuli from other body parts to the CNS, which interprets them as pain. Malfunctions of the CNS, such as spinal cord inflammation, can also cause pain.

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Wellness Presentations

Employee wellness presentations can be an invaluable tool for business owners. By hosting these events, you can provide your staff with the knowledge and resources they need to stay healthy and productive. But before you kick off your first event, there are a few things you should know. Here are the top questions about employee wellness presentations answered. What Is the Purpose of an Employee Wellness Presentation?  An employee wellness presentation aims to provide education and resources to help employees lead healthier lives.